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USS Duncan (DDR - 874)

" Galloping Ghost of the Korean Coast ".

Captain's Corner
Commander W. B. Althoff, USN (1961 - 1963)

The pictures, articles and documents shown on this page have been provided by Captain W. Bruce Althoff, USN (Ret.) from his collection of personal momentos acquired while serving as Commanding Officer of USS Duncan. They include photos of the ship, events, and recollections of the ship's service as documented in the Duncan Newsletter "Deep Six." This newsletter was instrumental in keeping the crew and their families informed of the ship's exploits. Many thanks to Capt. Althoff for making this portion of the Duncan website possible.

Perks of Command

Image honeycutt_reup Image honeycutt_reup2 Image 1960_misschina

------ Charles R. Honeycutt reenlistment. ----*---- Taking the Enlistment Oath ----- *---- Miss China 1960 visits Duncan.------

Duncan's FRAM Period
Long Beach, CA

Image longbeach_FRAM1 Image longbeach_FRAM2 Image FRAM_plaque Image FRAM_inspection

--Duncan crew during FRAM. --*-- FRAM work in progress --- *-- Outstanding Job Shipyard -*- Crew, Attention on Deck! -----

USS Duncan Photos

Image longbeach_FRAM1 Image duncan_steaming Image unrepcs_animation Image duncan_in_kaoshiung

-- Depart Pearl for Wespac. ----*---Duncan Full Speed Ahead -*- Unrep - Coral Sea (2 pixs) --*-- Duncan in port Kaohsiung----

Duncan Sports

Image duncan_bbaction2 Image duncan_bbaction Image duncan_softball_champs

---- DesDiv 91 Basketball Champions ----- *---- Duncan Wrestlers and Hoopsters. ----*---- National League Softball Champs.---

USS Duncan Newsletter - "Deep Six"

Image 874news_letter_nov61 Image 874news_letter_dec61 Image 874news_letter_jan62
Image 874news_letter_feb62 Image 874news_letter_mar62 Image 874news_letter_apr62
Image 874news_letter_may62 Image 874news_letter_sep62 Image 874news_letter_oct62

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