USS Duncan (DDR - 874)

" Galloping Ghost of the Korean Coast ".

USS Duncan {The Early Years: 1945-49}

1948 USS Duncan First Day Cover.

(Purchased on EBay by Peter Murray as gift to Duncan Association.)

Image duncanCM

USS Duncan DD-874 crewmen shown here on the ship's commissioning day, February 25, 1945.

Image duncan_refuel1

Duncan refuels from Battleship Wisconsin during her maiden western pacific duty in 1945. .

(Courtesy of David Birch, son of Cdr. Stanley W. Birch, former Duncan Commanding Officer.)

Image ddr6

Duncan visits China shortly after the close of World War II

Image duncan_1947dd

1947 picture of Duncan in her original configuration.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Gumpf.

Image Explo48

March 1948, a gas explosion aboard duncan proves deadly!

SC3 Joseph Retcho's Sea Locker

Image Retcho_Funk3

Joe and buddy "Funk."

(Photos supplied by Joseph Retcho.)

Image Duncan1_Shanghai

USS Duncan visits Shanghai, China.

GM3 Harold Smith's Sea Locker

Image harold_smith_1945

Harold Smith aboard Duncan in 1945.

(Photos supplied by Harold Smith.)

Image libertycard_1945

Two Liberty Cards from 1945.

Image Whiskey_mascot_1945

Duncan's first mascot named Whiskey in 1945.

Chief Shipfitter William A. Black's Sea Locker

Image CPO_Black4

Image CPO_Black3

Image CPO_Black2

Three photos of Duncan WWII crewmember Shipfitter First Class and later CPO William A. Black
from 1945 and 1946. Chief Black pased away in May of 2000.

(Photos courtesy of his son, Brian McRill Black).

Miscellaneous Duncan Views (1945 - 1946)

Image Duncan_Sailor45_2

Image 45pacific_mist

Image Duncan_Sailor45_1

Image Duncan_Sailors45

Image Duncan_Mascot

Image Duncan_Sailors45_1

Duncan deck seaman Eugene McLaughlin (1945 - 46) contributed the table of images above. They present
several (to date) yet unidentified early Duncan crewmembers during Duncan's maiden western pacific cruise
following the end of World War II.

All Duncan Plankowners, put your memory caps on and help us put names to the faces above.

USS Duncan patroling Japanese Islands - 1946)

USS Duncan (DDR 874) off Japan's Myoka Oshima Islands in February 1946.

Photo courtesy of George D. Russell, USS Duncan Plankowner.

Duncan 1949 Division Photos

Image commdiv_1949

Image commdiv_sigs49

Image 1stDiv_1949

L-R: Communications Division, CommDiv Crew Signatures, and Second Division.

Photos courtesy of George Giguere, and obtained with the assistance of Paul White and Darwin Saylor.

All Duncan 49ers, put your memory caps on and help us put names to the faces in the above photos.

Valiant Service in three Pacific Conflicts

World War II, Korea and Vietnam

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