USS Duncan (DDR - 874)

" Galloping Ghost of the Korean Coast ".

USS Duncan {Ship's History}

Duncan Commanding Officers
CDR P. D. Williams, USN February 1945 - July 1946 CDR H. E. Thornhill Jr., USN September 1959 - December 1960
CDR P. VanLeunen Jr., USN July 1946 - May 1948 LCDR E. J. Messere, USN December 1960 - March 1961
CDR J. R. North, USN May 1948 - May 1849 CDR W. S. Althoff, USN March 1961 - March 1963
CDR E.G. Sanderson, USN August 1949 - December 1951 CDR M.E. Soper, USN March 1963 - July 1964
CDR R. H. Smith, USN December 1951 - December 1952 R J.E. Weatherford, USN July 1964 - October 1965
CDR R.E. Lawrence, USN December 1952 - September 1954 CDR S.W. Birch, USN Jr., October 1965 - March 1968
CDR E.E. Conrad, USN September 1954 - June 1956 CDR C.R. Stephan, USN March 1968 - December 1969
CDR P.S. Smith. USN June 1956 - September 1958 CDR C.R. Turnage, USN December 1969 - October 1970
CDR L.M. Smith - September 1958 - September 1959 LCDR J. A. Carbone, USN October 1970 - January 1971

The History of the USS Duncan (DDR-874)

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Commissioning Day, 25 February, 1945, Orange, Texas.

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USS Duncan Written History

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Duncan Service Logs & Yearly Histories

1944 - 1957
EFL Service Logs document the first 13 years of Duncan History. Using a columnized format, these logs document Duncan's travels; departure and arrival dates to each port of call and brief remarks outlining general assignments and duties during each at sea and in port availability.

1958 - 1960
The above two year period is presently not represented with any Logs or Yearly Narratives. Any former crewmembers who can help fill in this gap with either form of recorded history is encouraged to provide same to the webmaster of this site.

1960 -1970
Duncan's service from 1960 -65 is documented from material gathered from the Navy History Museum, and the National Archives by this site's webmaster. The last five years of her commissioned service are supplied by Commanders Birch, Stephan, and Turnage in the form of yearly narrative histories. The last year of her active service, (1970) under LCDR Carbone, is still being sought.

USS Duncan History - 1945 - 1958

EFL Service Logs

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Image log2

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Image log9

USS Duncan History - 1960 thru 1965

1960 - 65 Narrative History

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USS Duncan History - 1965 thru 1969

1965 Narrative History

Image hist65

1966 Narrative History

Image hist66a

Image hist66b

Image hist66c

1967 Narrative History

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Image hist67b

Image hist67c

Image hist67d

Image hist67e

Image hist67f

1968 Narrative History

Image hist68a

Image hist68b

Image hist68c

Image hist68d

Image hist68e

1969 Narrative History

Image hist69a

Image hist69b

Image hist69c

Image hist69d

Image hist69e

Image hist69f

Image hist69g

Image hist69h

Valient Service in three Pacific Conflicts

World War II, Korea and Vietnam

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