Duncaneers List Guidelines

Requirements for becoming a list subscriber

1. Must be a former crewmember of USS Duncan DDR 874, a spouse, sibling or other related family member of a former crewmember or living relative of the ship's namesake, Silas Duncan; (Former crewmembers can include officers or enlisted personnel of a foreign service who served on temporary assigned "extended" duty onboard Duncan).


Promote communications relative to the USS Duncan DDR 874, her service, members service aboard her; the DCRA, and all matters relating to the operation, and business of the DCRA, including planning, and organizing of the Association's reunions; promoting and transmitting historical information on the three destroyers named for Silas Duncan, and on Silas Duncan, his brother and their family history as well.


1. All topics covered in the "Purpose" paragraph above.

2. Provide for the dissemination of information regarding VA or retiree benefits and any legislation intended to impact on same (minus any political or social commentary or opinions). Said information can be provided by referencing URL's on the web, or by naming newspapers, magazines or other publications where information is found. (Let the list members decide if they want to search out the info and determine their opinion regarding same).

3. Provide for discussion of current Navy ships and their comparison to those of the last half century (particularly if sons, daughters, or grandchildren are currently serving aboard a destroyer or any other ship type.)

TOPIC RESTRICTIONS: The topics listed below are prohibited in this email group and repeated violations of this policy could result in the immediate suspension of your privileges and membership in this forum"

1. Politics (on any level).

2. Religion

3. Social Reform

4. Jokes

5. Pornography (of any kind or links to same)

6. Derogatory comments (from or about any list subscriber) and;

7. Foul language.