USS Duncan (DDR - 874)

" Galloping Ghost of the Korean Coast ".

The Duncan Namesake

Lieutenant Silas Duncan

War of 1812 Hero - Battle of Lake Champlain,
September 6, 1814

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The nearly 200 year-old fitness report on Lt. Silas Duncan, penned by Capt. Thomas MacDonough, Commanding Officer United States Frigate Saratoga.

Commodore MacDonough

Image Mac_Donough

The above is an extract from a letter of Commodore Thomas Macdonough written to Commodore John Rodgers, President of the Board of the Navy Commissioners. In today's terms, it is a fitness or effiency report for the record to be used for promotion and assignment. It was not uncommon at that time for reports to be very critical, often harsh, meant to reform bad habits.

Washington, May 6th, 1815


In obedience to the order of the commissioners I herewith transmitt an impartial and as far as I am capable of Judging a correct report of the character, and qualifications of each of the Commissioned & Warrant officers who were attached to my command on Lake Champlain commencing with

Lt. Silas Duncan. Is a brave cool and deliberate young Man something of a Seaman whose habits are good, he was badly wounded on the 11th Septr. He will I believe make a valuable officer though he should have practice in his profession.

(As third Lieutenant on the Saratoga, he was sent to recall the gunboats when wounded and was decorated by Congress.)

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