USS Duncan (DDR - 874)

" Galloping Ghost of the Korean Coast ".


USS Duncan - Special Operations Section




V.E. Imel, SN  USN

April 26, 1951

USS Philippine Sea (CV-47)

Knocked overboard while refueling with USS Astubuela.

(documentation provided by Nate Barsky and Harry Hinton)



Transfer of Casualty


March 15, 1952




Ens. M.E. Braden

July 20, 1954

USS Philippine Sea (CV-47)


Guy Freeborn, Navy Pilot

April 29, 1962

USS Coral Sea

(Photos from reunion 2000 in San Diego)



In the spring of 1962 (I'm sure Pete Rector has the correct date), USS Duncan was one of  several destroyers assigned to Admiral Weisner with USS Coral Sea as his  flagship.  Two of the destroyers including USS Duncan were given permission to conduct training exercises while Coral Sea carried on night flight operations. I was asleep in my sea cabin when the bridge became aware that one of the aircraft sent a Mayday and the pilot had ejected because of loss of control. I was called immediately to the bridge. The officer in charge (can't remember who) reported to me that the pilot in the water had fired a flare with his pistol.

The pilot was wise enough to wait a few minutes to let go a second flare, which made it possible for us to get an exact bearing.  We came to that course and increased to flank speed. As we approached the pilot another destroyer was bearing down on the same target. I called him and said that I was on my final approach and that he must avoid interfering with us.  He responded immediately and stood clear. At this point we took the speed off, rigged cargo nets over the side to have it available for getting the pilot aboard.  We were no more than 25 feet from him and with help from our sailors we got him on board and into sickbay. The time elapse from the aircraft takeoff until we had him onboard was 10 minutes. He was in good shape except for back injuries from the ejection from his plane.

The Coral Sea aviators came aboard Duncan at first opportunity to give our people badges etc. and yes there was some ice cream, and perhaps some strawberries, also.  Shortly thereafter we tied up in Hong Kong. Admiral Weisner and Coral Sea invited Duncan to a lavish celebration ashore. The two ships remained very close friends and there was nothing they wouldn't do for us.


American Diplomat Rescued

March 26, 27, 1964

American Minister, 13 year old daughter and US Ministry Aid Rescued Aboard the Yacht
Cygnus which was returned to Subic Bay, PI Towed by Duncan to Subic
(notes from Tim Murphy)

Rescue At Sea
On the 26th of March, 1964, U.S.S. Duncan (DDR-874), while operating in the Subic Bay, Philippines area conducting gunnery exercises, intercepted a distress signal from a sailboat floundering in the South China Sea, without power or sails. As the ships crew battened down for heavy seas and made ready the rescue equipment, the Captain ordered Flank Speed ahead. With a sudden surge, the ship sped over a hundred miles to the rescue of the unfortunate 13 year old girl, and the American Minister to the Philippines and his aides.





Capt. John Rogers USAF

8 February, 1967 on SAR Station

(Photos from 1967 Cruise Book p. 56)



Ching Ping, Second Engineer

November 18, 1968

Panamanian Registry Motor Vessel, Oriental Star

Medevac to Duncan and Medical Care. (p. 27 1968-69 Cruise Book)



(this part still under construction)



May 4, 1952

On one occasion in June of 1952, our small boat returned with bullet holes from small arms fire in it's portable radio, and a rather scared crew. This was the closest the Duncan came to having battle casualties.



August 1965

Gunfire Support Operations

Saigon River



Westpac 1968

Game Warden Support

(photos courtesy of Bill Featherston)


MK I PBR's alongside Duncan. PBRs always patrolled in pairs
They are probably waiting for some ice cream, AP .50 cal ammo or a shower.

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