USS Duncan (DDR - 874)

" Galloping Ghost of the Korean Coast ".

" 1952 Westpac Cruise ".

Duncan Officers

Commanding Officer

Image 52duncan_CO

Commander Russell H. Smith, USN, was born June 24, 1912, in Brooklyn, New York. He entered the U. S. Naval Academy in 1931. Upon graduation in 1935 he was ordered to duty aboard the USS Oklahoma (BB-37) for junior officer instruction and later as gunnery division and turret officer. In February 1938 Cdr. Smith was ordered to the USS Jacob Jones (DD-130) as gunnery and communications officer. Two years later he was ordered to pre-commissioning detail for the USS Wasp (CV-7). He served on the Wasp until it was sunk during the Guadalcanal campaign. On that fateful day Cdr. Smith was picked up out of the sea by the destroyer Duncan, the predecessor and namesake of the ship he now commands. He then served in motor torpedo boats as commander MTB Squadron 19 in the South Pacific. He was later reassigned to the staff of Commander MTB Squadrons South Pacific for duty as an area commander. Leaving the South Pacific in November 1944, he was designated to command the MTB shakedown center at Miami, Florida. In July 1945 he was ordered to the Naval War College at Newport, Rhode Island, for instruction, graduating in December of the same year. From Newport he proceeded to Shanghai, China, to the staff of Commander Seventh Fleet as training officer and later as flag secretary. Leaving China early in 1948 his next duty was as executive officer of the NROTC unit at the University of Colorado. In the fall of 1950 he was ordered to the staff of Commander United Nations Blockading and Escort Force (CTF-95) in connection with the hostilities in Korea and served as operations officer. He was detached in October 1951 to assume his present duties as commanding officer, USS Duncan

Executive Officer

Image 52duncan_XO

Commander Frederick R. Hoeppner, USN, was born February 7, 1918, in Seattle, Washington. After graduating from the University of Washington in 1940, he attended Midshipman's School in New York. Upon receiving his commission early in 1941 Cdr. Hoeppner was ordered to the USS California where he was assigned duties as signal officer and assistant navigator. He was aboard the California when it was sunk by the Japanese on December 7, 1941, and for the next two months assisted in salvage operations. He was then ordered to command XYP-161, a former Japanese tuna boat, which the Navy used for inshore patrol of the Hawaiian Sea Frontier. In July 1942 he assisted in the commissioning of the USS Denver and served aboard her as signal officer and Assistant Communications Officer during the Soloman Islands campaign. Then in March 1944 Cdr. Hoeppner received further schooling at the Naval Post Graduate School (Communications), Annapolis, Maryland, for one year. From Annapolis he was ordered to the pre-commissioning detail for the USS Little Rock and served on her first as Communications Officer and then as Navigator for about two years. His next duty in November 1947 was as staff communications officer for Commander Carrier Division Four which was operating in Atlantic and Mediterranean waters. From July 1949 until June 1950 Cdr. Hoeppner attended General Line School in Newport, Rhode Island. Upon graduation he was ordered to Washington, D.C. for duty in the office of the Chief of Naval Operations. There his duties included committee work for the joint and combined Chiefs of Staff and the preparation of several communication and tactical publications. In August 1951 he completed his duties in Washington and reported to the USS Duncan as Executive Officer.

Division Officers

Image 52officers

Top Row - Left to Right: LTJG Rl. L. Thrash, Jr., Operations Officer; LTJG M. Livaudais, Jr., Communications Officer; LTJG M. Yates, CIC Officer; Middle Row - Left to Right: LTJG W. F. Ramsayer, Jr., ASW Officer; ENS E. R. Summerfield, Assistant Communications Officer; LTJG S. Y. Mcaden, Supply Officer; Bottom Row - Left to Right: LT D. Miller, Engineering Officer; LTJG J. E. Asraus, Main Propulsion Assistant; ENS T. T. Beattie, Jr., Damage Control Officer.

Enlisted Divisions

Image radarmen

Image sonarmen

Image yeoman_Telemen

Image radiomen

Image stewards

Image mess_cooks

Image quarter_masters

Image Elect_ricians

Image fctechs

Image gunners

Image 1stDiv

Image 1stDiv2

RADARMEN - First Row, left to right: D.E. Heaverlo, C.V. Bixby, J.H. Bedhard, S.J. Shumate Jr. Second Row: R.B. Noyes, B. Moore, J.L. Plyler, L.G. Morris. Third Row: T.L. Fine Jr., M.G. Fletcher, R.D. Anderson.
YEOMEN & TELEMEN - First Row, left to right: L.T. Hampe Jr., G.H. Robinson, E.D. Englund. Second Row: G.C. Michel, L.P. Billingsley, G.A. Kurth, B.P. Alexander.
SONARMEN - First Row, left to right: E.E. Morris, R.N. Bishop, C.E. Grant, R.M. Merritt, W.J. Myers, B.W. Presnell. Second Row: C.E. Baggett, W.R. Chaffin, J.J.Dugas, B.J. Onstatt, B.C. Treece, L.W. Cammuse. Third Row: R.G. Scurlock, W.D. Newcomb, M.N. Jackson, G.O. Schrag, A.J. Maynes.
RADIOMEN - First Row, left to right: J.R. Burns, E.E. Finnell, F.S. Perry, J.E. Andrews. Second Row: L.E. Hewgley, K.O. Henry, R.L. Cole, C.L. Gallatin, K.E. Hendrix Jr.
STEWARDS MATES - First Row, left to right: J.G. Smith, S. Hart Jr., E. Carr, W. Jackson. Second Row: R.L.Hall, V. Cooper Jr., E. Ezell Jr., W.W. Vaughn.
MESS COOKS - First Row, left to right: J.S. Felix, L.L. Michau, G.E. Cruser, D.W. Beery, L.S. Bridgeman. Second Row: R.W. Jaeger, V.W. Groom, H.E. Lyles, T.L. Blocher. Third Row: G.G. Brunty, B.E. Helbig, B.A. McDaniel, J.L. Cofield, J.G. Prince.
QUARTERMASTERS - First Row, left to right: P.E. Beaver, S.A. Elmer, W.W. Caster, H.G. Lane, W.R. Lash. Second Row: H.C. Jameson, G.D. Yoder, M.B. Clark Jr., W.F. Brown.
ELECTRICIANS - First Row, left to right: R.W. Erickson, J.H. McCollum, E.G. Dandurand, R.L. Hoover. Second Row: W.J. Francoeur, J.F. Sullivan, D.F. McKown, W.R. Healy.
FIRE CONTROL MEN - First Row, left to right: B.W. Sorenson, Jr. E. Watson, J.J. Rolka Jr., O.E. Blevins, H.A. Anglin, Second Row: J.W. Michlik, T.J. Armstrong Jr., H.D. Barr, E.H. Dyrr, W.J. Simbeck Jr.
GUNNERS MATES - First Row, left to right: R. Brieger, G.B. Hutchings, C.A. Quay, L.W. Bailey, A.L. Nickerson, R. Velategui, R.J. Holland Jr., P.P. Salazar. Second Row: R.D. Brown, J.E. Vick, H.J. Southworth, M.G. Strobel, J.H. Layton, L.N. Winters Jr., V.K. Ballew, L.V.D. Wright, D.S. Dixon. Third Row: E.G. Gilbert, E.H. Kelley, B.W. Mckee, C.P. Kirk, V.H. Gailey, N.E. Darden.
FIRST DIVISION (DECK FORCE) - First Row, left to right: G.N. Whalen, J.T. Dove, J.B. Btyeans, L.E. Little, N.A. Foster, R.F. Chrisman, H.V. Cooper, D.G. McDonald. Second Row: R.L. McAllister, R.T. McIntire, R.J. Flock, D.W. Davis, J.E. Moore, L.G. Greishammer, B.B. McCall, E.G. Mayes. Third Row: R.R. Matthews, K.W. Alcorn, P. Butler Jr., A.C. Belt, W.R. Bargerstock, R.L. Carpenter.
MORE FIRST DIVISION (DECK FORCE) - First Row, left to right: J.H. Brauner, B. Robinson, C.J. Reynolds, L.C. Tripp, T.W. Cotton, W.H. Geisert Jr. Second Row: G. Peters Jr., J.L. Kanard, B.J. Harrison, J.W. Hall, R.L. Eberhardt, J.M. Yarvote. Third Row: K.L. Funk, C.B. Farrington, L.L. Martin, K.D. Nelson, R.C. Jefferson.

 Image 2ndDiv

Image 2ndDiv2

 Image fore_fireroom

Image after_fireroom

Image fore_engineroom

Image after_engineroom

Image commiss_ary_men

Image ets

Image Laundry_Hospital_Store

"A" GANG - First Row, left to right: J.W. Hadley, R.D. Hartman, D.L. Morgan, J.J. Mullis. Second Row: W.O.T. Pollnow, C.R. Morrow, W.W. Partain, L.S. Lynch.

SECOND DIVISION (DECK FORCE) - First Row, left to right: B.F. Rieken, E.L. Messersmith, R.R. Emerson, J.A. Bedwell, R. Smith, D. Eads, J.W. McGowan. Second Row: J.B. Byars, G.C. Toews, L.C. Walker, C. Roberts, D.P. Ostmann, M. McElroy, R.D. Meinzer. Third Row: L.H. Booher, P.M. McKenna, C.E. Plyler, W.E. Turner, B.R. Eatherly, R.M. Davis.

MORE SECOND DIVISION (DECK FORCE) - First Row, left to right: B.E. Anderson, R.E. Butters, R.J. McCroskey, D.E. Cardenas, T.G. Fontenot, R.J. Carpenter, R.W. Rogers. Second Row: H.W. Cowan, J.J. Mercier. D.D. Surplice, R.E. McElwaine, T.L. Turner, J.E. Ford. Third Row: H.L. Schoener, B. Kovacic, C.L. Hallford, L.W. Smiley, D.L. Messner, A.J. Meese.

FORWARD FIREROOM - First Row, left to right: L.P. Vest, J.R. Robbins, C.O. Williams, J.E. Johnson, R.G. White. Second Row: H.C. Shelly, E.J. Olsen, W.A. Shaw, J.W. Goudlock. Third Row: G. Furphy, C.A. Marotta, A. Ramirez, C.A. biederstadt, S.J. Lowe.

AFTER FIREROOM - First Row, left to right: M.A. Taylor, J.J. Stewart, E.E. Davenport, W.T. Patterson, A. Domingos. Second Row: P.D. Kurth, J.E. Swift, E.L. Bartholemew, R.M. Brambi, R.D. Aldrich, W.E. Renicker. Third Row: L.P. Ortega, W.A. Swanson, R.L. Young, D.R. Ward, P.W. Beck.

FORWARD ENGINE ROOM - First Row, left to right: G.R. Swanson, G.E. Payne, L.O. Davenport, L.D. Raschein. Second Row: J.F. Lindsay, J.D. Jackson III, G.H. Kennedy, M.A. Labertew, R.E. Hamilton.

AFTER ENGINE ROOM - First Row, left to right: O.M. Sunken, B.G. Jackson, D.E. Matsinger, G.O. Reid, A.L. Sewell. Second Row: R.E. Moore, L. Standifer, J.P. Benedetti, R.E. Arndt, R.F. Summerfield.

COMMISSARYMEN - First Row, left to right: G.N. Williams, R.I. Bisson, T.S. Jochum Second Row: D.H. Dove, L. Byrd, L. Rockrich, H.A. Donaghey.

ELECTRONICS TECHNICIANS - First Row, left to right: G.W. Boothe, F. Mino with ship's mascot Skipper. T.V. Lathrop. Second Row: J.W. Mullender, H.T. Douglas, R.B. Brinton, A.D. Warden.

LAUNDRY, HOSPITAL AND STORE - First Row, left to right: V.P. Thomas, E.R. Strader Jr., C.W. Hammond, R.J. Cardinale. Second Row: R.W. Cialkowski, R.E. Cruser, H.L. Brown, M.G. Gonzales. Third Row: J.R. Barker, V.E. Kilpack, W.A. Bracey.

Duncan's 51 - 52 Cruise Log
as kept by crewmember Nathan Barsky
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