USS Duncan (DDR - 874)

" Galloping Ghost of the Korean Coast ".

" 1953 Westpac Cruise ".

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Commander R. E. Lawrence, USN

Commander R. E. Lawrence, was born in Akron, Ohio, on April 10, 1915, and lived most of his pre-naval life in the area around Cleveland and Lakewoon, Ohio.

Beginning his naval career with his entry into the U.S. Naval Academy, at Annapolis, Maryland, in 1935, Cdr. Lawrence graduated in June of 1939. His first sea assignment was the USS New Orleans, (CA 32). Aboard the New Orleans, Cdr. Lawrence served through the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, and almost every major naval campaign in the Pacific during World War II. The New Orleans would have kept intact this record of service execpt for a Japanese torpedo that carried away the entire bow section of the heavy cruiser during a night battle off Guadalcanal in Nov. of 1943.

Many varied duty assignments came to Commander Lawrence after he left the New Orleans in 1944 with the rank of Lieutenant Commander, following five and one-half years of service in various billets ending as Air Defense and Assistant Gunnery Officer. He was attached to the staff of COMMANDER CARRIER DIVISION SIX, who was in command of a Fast Carrier Task Group in the final year of World War II, and after the war went to shore duty at Camp Peary, Virginia and Bainbridge, Maryland.

In July of 1948 he received orders to the USS EDISTO, (AGB 2). The EDISTO, an icebreaker, made many interesting cruises, with Cdr. Lawrence as Executive Officer, ranging from its home port of Boston, Massachusetts, to Greenland and the waters of the Canadian Arctic.

Again reporting for shore duty in December of 1949, Cdr. Lawrence served on the staff of the COMMANDER MILITARY SEA TRANSPORTATION SERVICE, PACIFIC AREA, until his assumption of duties as Commanding Officer, USS DUNCAN, on December 19, 1952.

Commander Lawrence's most notable decorations include the Bronze Star, the Pacific Asiatic Area ribbon with nineteen battle stars and the Presidential Unit Citation.

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Lieutenant Commander James M. Ashley, Jr., USN

Born in August of 1918, James M. Ashley, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Ashley, Sr., of Boise, Idaho, attended the University of Missouri prior to his entry to the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, in the year of 1938.

Lcdr. Ashley has performed a wide assortment of duty assignments since his graduation from the Naval Academy in 1942, before his assignment to the Duncan: The USS Minneapolis, (CA 36), the USS Louisville, (CA 28), the USS Rendova, (CVE 11), the U.S. Naval Air Station, Los Alamitos, the USS Boxer, (CV 21), are only a few of the many which could be listed. It was in this interim, in the year of 1945, that he received his promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, USN.

Perhaps Lcdr. Ashley's most prominent accomplishments to date ae his period of duty as Aide and Flag Lieutenant to Admiral H. W. Hill. while serving aboard such flagships as the USS Maryland and the USS Cambria, (APA 36), and the receipt of a letter of commendation from the Commanding Officer, NAS, Los Alamitos, for his contributions to the Disaster Plan for that all-important activity. Emphasizing Lcdr. Ashley's adaptability as a naval line officer is the fact that the latter contribution was made during the time he was also Aerological Officer for the Air Station.

Acting upon orders received in December of 1952, Lcdr. Ashley reported to ComCruDesPac as a prospective Executive Officer, reporting aboard the Duncan in that capacity, relieving Commander F. R. Hoeppner, USN on December 19, 1952. It was on this date that Lcdr. Ashley assumed the duties of Executive Officer, USS Duncan.

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Duncan Officers

Back Row, L. to R.: ENS. A. J. Von DerWische, ENS. L. V. DuMontelle, ENS. P.W. Robinson, ENS. K. N. Hill, LT. B. T. Mills, ENS. W. W. Odell, LT(jg). M. M. Lasell, ENS. J. P. Wise, LT(jg). T. T. Beattie, ENS. G. Hecht.
Front Row: LT(jg). S. Y. McAden Jr., LT(jg). E. R. Summerfield, LT(jg). M. P. Cartier, LCDR. J. M. Ashley (Executive Officer), CDR. R. E. Lawrence (Captain), LT. R. L. Thrash, ENS. P.R. Orser, LT(jg). R. W. Shannon.

Image 53_chiefs

Duncan Chiefs

Back Row, L. to R.: S. M. Olds, MMC, H. L. Combs, EMC, W. C. Temple, BTC, R. N. Holloman, QMC, G. V. McCarty, MMC, W. W. Castor, QMC, R. L. Hansen, MEC.
Front Row: W. T. Jones, CSC, W. F. Haynes, GMC, C. J. Reynolds, BMC, G. A. Lyman, MMC, F. Willard, HMC.

The Duncan Crew by Divisions

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Divisions appear in order of listing below.

First Division Deck Force: Back Row, l to r.: Copper P.C., Martin R.W., Bargerstock W.R., Brown W.S., DeChambeau M.C., Smith R.L., Kanard J.L., Gilbert T.R., Straube G.L., Berry L.G.
Middle Row: Robinson B., Miller S.P., Brauner J.H., Little L.E., Alcorn K.W., Matthews R.R., Lawrence R.M. Jr., Jefferson R.C., LaBlanc R., Bishop H., Hall J.W.
Front Row: Howard R., Holly C.C., Eads D., Flock R.J., Chrisman R.F., Buzby E.W., Prince J.G., Land D.R., Mayes E.G.

Second Division Deck Force: Back Row, l to r.: Messner D.L., Martin L., Davis G.T., Davis R.M., Lee J.N., Roberts L., Cowan H.W., Hartsfield G.G.
Middle Row: Booher L.H., McElroy M., Walker L.C., Morris L.G., McKenna P.M., Rieken B.F., Oneal G.D., Moreno M.M.
Front Row: Surplice D.D., Carpenter R.J., Schneider H. W., Meese A.J., Berry D.W., Anderson B.E., Thornton J.O., Nakamoto W.K.

Gunners Mates: Back Row, l to r.: Brown R.D., Ballew V.K., Vick J.E., Gilbert E.G., Kirk C.P., McKee B.P.
Middle Row: Dyer T.E., Martin L.L., Eberhardt R.L., Wiktorowski R.D., Kelly D.H., Dixon D.S.
Front Row: Salazar P.P., Mercier W.N., Billington D.F., Quay C.A., Velategui R., Holland R.J. Jr.

"B" Division: (Foreward Fireroom) Back Row l to r.: Domingo A., Biederstadt C.A., Harrison B.J., Batholemew E.L., Johnson J.E., Marren C.R.
Front Row: Olsen E.J., Ward D.R., Clark C.E., Temple W.C., Michau L.L., Brambl R.M.

"B" Division: (After Fireroom) Back Row l to r.: Ortega L.P., Beers W.L., Swift J.E.
Middle Row: Furphy G., Swanson G.R., Stewart J.J., Renicker W.E., Spivey W.G., Taylor M.A.
Front Row: Bridgman L.D., Organ J.R., Temple W.C., Vest L.P., Key H.T., Marotta C.A.

"M" Division: (Foreward Engineroom) Back Row l to r.: Reid G.O., Wislon R.G., Jackson J.D., Covell R.E., Studlien V.D., Meara P.F.
Front Row: Raschein L.D., Swanson G.R., Aldrich R.D., Hamilton R.E., Deputy R.L.

"S" Division:Back Row l to r.: Thomas V.P., Head E.L., Valueff N.F., Blocher T.L., Kilpack V.E., Donaghey A.R.
Front Row: Emerson R.R., McElwaine R.E., Alexander R.M., Jones W.T., McDonald D.G., McCluskey H.J., Cockroft S.J. Jr.

Yeomen: Back Row l to r.: Kurth G.A., Fletcher M.G., Funk K.L., Ellul J.C.
Front Row: Ferguson W.E., Billingsley L.P., Donahue A.R., Mitchell H.T., Flowers B.P.

Electronics Technicians: l to r.: Smith C.W., Brinton R.B., Mullender J.W., Flock D.C. Absent: Mottle E.

Radiomen and Telemen: Back Row, l to r.: Matthews W.L., Byars J.B., Henry K.O.
Front Row: Michel G.C., Hewgley L.E., Gallatin C., Andrews J.E. Absent: Cole R.L., Cox D.M., Hendrix K.

Sonarmen: Back Row, l to r.: Bixby C.V., Huntsman J.A.
Front Row: Moore B.E., Dill W.M., Anderson R.D., Noyes R.B., Huddleston G.W. Absent: Doherty G.A., Fine T.L.

Radarmen: Back Row, l to r.: Costello G.M., Schrag G.L., Baggett C.E., Chaffin W.R., Guadagnoli A. L., Barnes R.D.
Front Row: Onstott B.J., Cammuse L.W., Newcomb W.D., Cadman R.R., Scurlock R.G., Irvin P.E. Absent: Moor C.K., Jackson M.N., Dugas J.J., Brown R.R.

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Divisions appear in order of listing below.

Quartermasters: Back Row, l to r.: Hurst A.W., Rohan L.J., Elmer S.A.
Front Row: Lash W.R., Lemier S.A., Clark M.B. Jr. Absent: Beaver P.E., Dunphy J.M., Kovacic B., Holloman R.N., Yoder G.D.

Hospitalmen and Disbursing Clerks: Back Row, l to r.: Verbeck R.W., McCall B.B., Davis D.W., Imazu R.K.
Front Row: Mesersmith E.L., Willard F., Godwin G.T.

"M" Division (After Engineroom): Back Row, l to r.: Harris E.E., Standifer L., Labertew M.A., Benedetti J.P.
Front Row: Matsinger D.E., Moore R.E., Ardnt R.E.

Shipfitters: Back Row l to r.: Correll R.P., Clifton W.D., Cook E.R.
Front Row: Domingos J., Bowers C.R., Booth G.S.

Electricians: Back Row, l to r.: Hansen R.M., McCoy W.F. Jr., Burke R.S., McKown D.F.
Front Row: Hoover R.L., Dandurand E.J., Erickson R.W. Absent: Odom H.L., McCollum J.H.

The places they have seen!

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Views from crewmember Leland Hewgley

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More photos from Leland Hewgley

Duncan Crew - onboard and ashore!
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Foreign Ports - Beer and Sports!
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Ships and Planes
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