USS Duncan (DDR - 874)

" Galloping Ghost of the Korean Coast ".

USS Duncan {Western Pacific Cruise - 1955}

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Commander Edward. E. Conrad, USN CO, USS Duncan

Commander Edward E. Conrad, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1914. Following his graduation from high school, he attended Saint Louis University from 1932 until 1934, the year of his entry into the U.S. Naval Academy, at Annapolis, Naryland.

Receiving his commission as Ensign in June of 1938, Commander Conrad was assigned to the USS OMAHA, (CL 4), where he performed the general duties assigned to junior officers, as the OMAHA cruised the waters of the Mediterranean for a period of two years.

Transfer orders from the USS OMAHA tothe US NAVAL SUBMARINE SCHOOL, New London, Connecticut, in 1940, proved to be a turning point in his career, as it marked a temporary end of his above-sea duties.

In the fall of 1940, following his graduation from the US NAVAL SUBMARINE SCHOOL, after a three-month coursde, Cdr. Conrad was ordered to the recommissioning detail of the USS S-11 (SS 116), soon to rejoin the active fleet. During 1941, the first year of a two year tour of duty aboard the SS-11, he received his promotion to Lieutenant (j.g.) while serving in various departments. The second year, he assumed the position of Executive Officer of the SS-11, which was stationed in Panama at the outbreak of the hostilities now know as World War II. Toward the end of his cruise in the SS-11, he was promoted the grade of Lieutenant, in June of 1942.

When the USS HAKE (SS 256) was commissioned in the fall of 1942, Cdr Conrad found himself aboard as Engineering Officer, and during the HAKES wartime patrols in the European and Southwest Pacific Areas, he again filled the berth of Executive Officer. From 1944 to 46 he continued his undersea service, predominatly in the Pacific area serving as Executive Officer of the USS TORO, (SS 422) from 1944 to 1945, and as Commanding Officer of the USS DENTUDA (SS 335) from 1945 to 1946, and receiving promotions to Lieutenant Commander and Commander in the interim.

In 1946, withthe receipt of orders to the US NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL, his duty asignments carried him to the OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and to the KNOLLS ATOMIC POWER LABORATORY, General Electric Company in Schenectady, New York. Upon completion of these assignments he was awarded a Master of Science degree by the US NAVAL POST GRADUATE SCHOOL.

Commander Conrad again returned to sea in 1949, as Commanding Officer of the USS CORPORAL, (SS 346), based in Key West, Florida, and operating in the Atlantic area. Following this assignment he reported to the PENTAGON BUILDING, Washington, D.C., in 1951, for duty as ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE TO THE SECRETARY OF THE NAVY. In 1952, having completed this duty, he undertook the task of OFFICER-IN-CHARGE, NUCLEAR BRANCH, TECHNICAL TRAINING GROUP, ARMED FORCES SPECIAL WEAPONS PROJECT, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

On September 6, 1954, Commander Conrad reported to the USS DUNCAN, at Subic Bay, Philippine Islands, to relieve Commander Robert E. Lawrence as Commanding Officer.

Commander Conrad now resides in Coronado, california, with his wife daughter and three sons.

Image XO55

Lieutenant Commander Benjamin T. Douglas, USN XO USS DUNCAN

Lieutenant Commander Ben T. Douglas was born in January, 1919, at Camp Douglas, Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin from which he graduated in June, 1941. In October of that year LCDR Douglas entered the Navy's Aviation Cadet program, receiving his commission as Ensign and his wings at Corpus Christi, Texas in September, 1942.

LCDR Douglas was then assigned as instructor at Corpus Christi and taught advance flying to Aviation Cadets. In February of 1944, LCDR Douglas, then Lt(jg), was ordered to torpedo plane operational training at Miami, Florida. Upon completion LCDR Douglas checked out in carrier landings on board the USS Wolverine and proceeded to Naval Air Station, Qconeset Point, R.I., to join Air Group 47. With Air Group 47 he boarded the USS Bataan (CVA 29) at Pearl Harbor in January, 1945. Operating with Task Force 58 LCDR Douglas participated in attacks on the Japanese homeland, and was in the first wave of torpedo planes that attacked and sunk the Japanese battleship YAMOTO in the Battle of the East China Sea.

When the war in the pacific ended, LCDR Douglas, the LT, was sent to NAAS Ream Field, near San Diego, as Administrative and Personnel Officer, reporting in October 1945. In August of 1947 LCDR Douglas transferred to the USS Boxer (CVA 21) as Flight Deck Officer.

April, 1948 found LCDR Douglas aboard the USS Iowa serving in the Gunnery Department until she was de-commissioned in December, 1948. This assignment was followed by a course at the General Line School in Monterey, California. After finishing at Monterey, LCDR Douglas joined the Amphibious Forces as First Lieutenant of the USS Marquette (AKA 95).

From the Marquette, LCDR Douglas joined the Staff of Commander Transportation Division 21 as Navigator and Operations officer. While on the Staff of ComTransDiv 21 he received his promotion to LCDR in July, 1951.

LCDR Douglas reported to Washington, D.C. in December, 1951, to serve as Executive Assistant to the Chief of Naval Research. New orders sent the LCDR to the Staff of ComDesRon Five as Prospective Executive Officer in December 1954, and he reported on board the Duncan as Executive Officer in May of 1955, relieving LCDR W.G.Chartier.

LCDR Douglas now resides with his wife, daughter and son in Le Mesa, California.

Duncan Officers

Image officers_55

First Row, Left to Right - G. Hecht; R. W. McCatter; E. E. Conrad; B. T. Douglas; W. R. Wright; R. T. Moore;
Second Row, Left to Right - G. H. Boehringer; W. T. Herrmann; P. J. Hansan; J. B. Sissom; M. F. Mead; R. J. Lehr; H.C. Mustin; R. E. Thompson.

Department Heads

Image depthead

Duncan Chiefs

Image chiefs55

Image shots55

The Chiefs call the Shots, and in this case literally!

Image 55duncan_annimation1

The Duncan Divisions (wait for annimated Images to load)

Image 55duncan_annimation2

Crew by Divisions (wait for annimated images to load)

Divisions in order of appearance

DECK FORCE - Ist Row, left to right: P.E. Cottrell; L.B. Nelson; D.R. Smith; L.C. Walker; C.A. Bacon; J.G. Weigel; K.L. Funk; S.P. Miller; T.J. Hurt; Second Row, left to right: H.G. Killen; J.H. Brauner; R.M. Lawrence; P.L. Martin; H.L. Turner; R. B. Mahoney; H.W. Clancy; E.L. Cook; R. Morales;
Third Row - left to right: J. Castillo; E.L. Messersmith; F.J. Cornett; L.J. Shea; H.W. Dangravell.

GUNNERSMATES - Ist Row, left to right: G.T. Davis; B.F. Richen; L.E. Little; K.R. Anderson; G.B. Hutchings;
Second Row, left to right: J.M. Lee; R. Mayfield; O.C. Lynch; J.W. Ingram; A.D. Brown; L.J. Duncan; W.W. Mercer; M.L. Birford.
Third Row, left to right: J.D. Baldridge; N.W. Davis; M.W. Klienholz; R.D. Melraer; R.E. Patton; G.O. O'Neal; E.R. Smith.

ENGINEERING - Ist Row, left to right: H.L. Young; J.R. Shanks; R.M. Toller; J.V. Little; A.M. Elvanns; R.L. Craig; W.H. Valencia; J.B. Cox; E.A. Garnett; J.F. Flores;
Second Row, left to right: D.J. Summit; R.G. Caslor; L.J. Gauquie; T.J. Whitten; R.P. Baer; D.G. Everson; V.S. Slominski; J.C. Aguillar; J.D. Golden; W.J. Lambers.
Third Row, left to right: K.E. Goschwander; V.D. Studhen; D.E. Coil; W.E. Henicker; T.B. Serrett; L.A. Hagen; J.S. Hacina; D.M. Terhane; C.D. McCombs; E.R. Turner; L.E. Guibosy.

REPAIR DIVISION - Ist Row, left to right: R.F. Otis; C.E. Caudin; A.B. Holbrook; J.L. Slusso; A.D. Pocheco: J.T. Powell.
Second Row, left to right: R. W. Rutledge; K.W. Wallace; H.E. Cadet; R.C. Harries; D.R. Danholz; D.I. Rigdon; D.L. Anderson; L.E. Labesbuhl; P.W. Beck.

THIRD DIVISION - Ist Row, left to right: W.B. Thorne; L.C. Tripp; R.D. O'Neal; W.F. Bergman; J.A. Hunterman; D.P. Ontmann.
Second Row, left to right: P.C. Copper; R.A. Minard; H.G. Moody; R.E. Coons; L.G. Grieshammer.

SUPPLY - Ist Row, left to right: T.I. Biocher; J.B. Hall; D.W. Davis; R. R. Matthews;
Second Row, F.C. Gomez; R.L. Smith; C.A. Bollig; R.V. Ashe; W.J. Chrow.

OPERATIONS - Ist Row, left to right: W.E. Keveney; R.R. Brown; C.T. Matthews; R.W. Tisdale; H.L. Durnham; R.T. McIntire.
Second Row: P. L. Matson; J.W. Stillwell; D.C. Coolidge; J.K. Taylor; G.W. Zipperer.
Third Row: H.D. Rollins; D.J. Falcone; J.C. Collum; E.L. Avery.

COMMUNICATIONS - Ist Row, left to right: J.L. McPeak; R.W. Scott; J.R. Watson; A. W. Hunt; R.G. Ragsdale; D.G. Anderson.
Second Row, left to right: J.O. Hopkins; K.M. Fry; A. W. Cunningham; M. Soblesk; D.A. Arterburn; B.R. Atchley.
Third Row, left to right: B.T. Masden; F.E. Madison.

Image midway4_55

USS Duncan and her frequent steaming companion USS Brinkley Bass moored side by side at Midway Island.

Image shipprty_55

Fantail liberty or rather, an onboard "bug juice" drinkfest!

Image 55duncan_annimation3

Duncan Sailors having fun, onboard or on the town
(wait for the annimated images to load)

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