USS Duncan (DDR - 874)

" Galloping Ghost of the Korean Coast ".

USS Duncan {Western Pacific Cruise - 1967}

Image Birch_co

Commander Stanley W. Birch, Jr. USN CO, USS Duncan

Commander Stanley W. Birch graduated from Belmont High School, Belmont, Mass. in 1944. He attended Brown University as an NROTC cadet and following graduation was commissioned an Ensign on Feb. 9, 1948. His first assignment was aboard USS Dyess (DDR 880) where he served as CIC, COMM and ASW officer. Birch was promoted to LT(jg) in March of 51. Shortly thereafter he reported to the Naval Electronics Maintenance School, in Great Lakes, Ill. Then came service aboard USS Taconic (AGC-17) as Electronics Repair Officer and saw his second promotion, this time to Lieutenant. Next came a two year stint on Staff, COMPHIBLANT as Assistant Material Officer for Electronics. Following a stint as an instructor at Fleet Training Center (CIC) in Norfolk, he reported aboard USS Utina (ATF-163) in his first assignment as Commanding Officer. He received his promotion to LCDR in April, 1959. Birch served next as Executive Officer on USS McNair (DD-679). From 1960 to 64 he served as a Computer Programer with the Atlantic Fleet ADP Operations and Atlantic Sea Surveillance System Computer Programming Center, Norfolk, VA. He was promoted to Commander in Nov. 1963. His next ship was USS Columbus, serving as Operations Officer and in October of 1965 he reported aboard Duncan as Commanding Officer. Commander Birch followed his stint on Duncan with two years at OPNAV, three years at Naval Recruit Command and finished his naval career serving from June, 1972 to June 1974 as Executive Officer, Fleet Data Processing Center, Atlantic in Norfolk, Va. Commander Birch retired from Naval Service on July 1, 1974.

Image Kelly_xo

Lieutenant Commander Richmond K. Kelly, Jr. USN XO, USS Duncan

LCDR Richmond K. Kelly began his naval service following graduation from the United States Naval Academy in 1954. His first assignment was aboard USS Fletcher (DDR 870) as Gunnery Officer. Next he served as the Executive Officer/Navigator aboard USS Snohomisn County (LST 1126). In 1958 he returned to the Naval Academy as an instructor in Naval Sciences. In August, 1961 he reported aboard USS Calcaterra (DER 390) as XO/Navigator. Two years later he returned to instructor duty in the Weapons Department, US Naval Destroyer School and then reversed roles to become a student at the Naval War College from July 1965 to June 1966. LCRD Kelly reported aboard USS Duncan (DDR-874) as Executive Officer in July, 1966. Following service on Duncan joined the staff of COMNAVFOR Japan.

Duncan Officers

Image 1div_off67

Image asst_nav67

First Division Officer, ENS. D. M. Eyre, Jr., and Assistant Navigation Officer, ENS. D. A. Herring

Division Officers

Image 67duncan_annimation1

Officers, in order of appearance in annimation: LT. A.J. Flores; LT. J.B. La Plante; LT. J.A. Antenucci; LTJG W.A. Ericson; LTJG. D.C. Richardson; LTJG. S.W. Gregory; LTJG. L.A. Wegner; LTJG. T.J. Herr; LTJG. W.H. Bakken; LTJG. F.R. Seddon; LTJG. L.L. King; ENS. J.A. Hough.

Duncan Chief Petty Officers

Image 67duncan_annimation2

Chief Petty Officers in order of appearance in annimation: C.D. Hartberger, SPCM; M. McKee, ETCS; P.K. Recore, RMGC; D.L. Culp, STC; R.E. Adamski, RDC; F.J. Strong, YNC; B.W. Tackett, SKC; R.A. Paulson, MMC; P. Macareag, CSC; D.J. Miller, BTC; W.C. Ashman, EMC; W.E. Fashbaugh; FTC.

Duncan Crew by Divisions

Enlisted Division Crew as they appear in annimation image below. 1st Division - Top Row, Left to Right: SA Coykendall, SN Bostick, SN Gebert, SN Bump, SN Steffens, BM3 Glaze, BM3 Cudaback, SN Sanders, SN Sanders, SN Ovellette, SN Haendiges, SN Carnihan, SN Anderson, E., SN Villemez, SN Neufal, SN Burgess, SN Wermers, SN Buss, SN Lampkin, SN Archambeault, SN Watkins, SN Valenzuela, SN Koon. Bottom Row: SN Richardson, SN Bisera, BM3 Tracy, SN Pullen, SN Estes, SN Galloway, BM3 McBride, BM1 Martin, BM3 Byrd, SN Payne, SN Carmody, SN Beiro, SN Sang, SN Cowart, SN Dove.
2nd Division - Front Row, Left to Right: FTSN Parr, FTSN Bouckhuyt, SN Comacho, GMG3 Kidd, GMG3 Tews, GMG2 Raymond, GMG2 Raymond, GMG2 Ray, FTG3 Pope. Back Row: GMG1 Allen, GMG2 Anderson, FTG2 Saylor, FTSN Morelock, FTG3 Schmidt, FTG3 Higginbotham, GMSN Storey, FTSN Spivey, GMG3 House, GMSN Bunch, FTG3 Flint, GMG3 Hart, GMSN Beach, GMGC Recore.
OI Division - Front Row, Left to Right: SN Gustafson, SN Hanks, SA Layton, RD2 Carlisle, RD2 Hermosillo, ETN2 Mulligan, ETN3 Washington, ETR2 Coscia, RD2 Porter, ETR1 Moore, RD1 Wooding, ET1 Dyer. Back Row: RD3 Meier, RD3 Barlow, ETR3 Donaldson, RD3 MOrgan, ETR3 Whitten, ETN3 Whitten, ETN3 Shaluha, ETR3 Eckard, RD3 Harper, RD3 Laconde, RD3 Domerego, SN Osgood, SN Henderson, RDSA Halbriech, RDSA Hayes, RDSA Miller, RDC Adamski. Officers in back: LT(jg) Bakker, LT(jg) Gregory. Not Pictured: DR1 Finch, RD2 McMinn, RD3 Speaks, ETN2 SHerman, ETR3 Wood, ETCS McKee, YNC Strong, SA Murray, SN Welch.
Repair Division - Top Row, Left to Right: FN Brooks, SF3 Wilson, FN Miller, EMPN Lear, MRFN Kappas, EMFN Shumaker, ENFN Barnhart, ENFN Featherston, EMFN Rasmussen, EMFN Morris, ICFN Harper, SF3 Little, MR3 Eisenmann, IC3 Fitzgerald, EMFN McCourtney, SF3 Booth, MM3 Herbert, IC1 Maguire. Front Row: EMFN Cooley, EMFN Dodge, SF3 Glaser, FN Battles FN West, EMFN Welch, EM3 Foster, EMC Ashman, ICFN Guy, FN Latiolas, MM1 Ludrick, EN1 Pegram, SF1 Moore, EM1 Cahill.

Crew by Divisions (wait for annimated images to load)

Divisions in order of appearance

Image 67duncan_annimation3

Supply Division - Front Row, Left to Right: LT(jg) Richardson, SN McGough, SD3 Dnrile, SN Cilluffe, SH3 Dawson, SAH3 Wilkerson, SN Mimna, SN Carey, SN Maynard, SK1 Kitchen, CS1 Ward, SKC Tackett. Bottom Row: Sk3 Johnson, SN Hood, SN Chaffee, DK3 Ogden, SH2 Castro, TN Baytan, SH1 Orras, BT2 Pallares, SCS Macaraeg.
B Division - Front Row, Left to Right: BT3 Billeaudeau, FN Forbes, BT1 Bergstrom, SPCM Hartberger, BTC Miller, BT1 Holland, FN reiner, BTFN Zantello, ENS King. Back Row: FN May, BT3 Winters, BT3 McCandless, FN Boothroyd, BTFN McFarland, FA Ayers, BT3 Lovely, BT2 Cruikshank, BT3 Lavallee, BT2 Anfinson, BT3 Myrick. Not Pictured: FN Wain, FN Prosser, BTFN Lutz, BT2 Talley, BT2 Pallares, BT3 Gordon, FN Wood, BTFN Padgett, FA McGuire.
Fox Division - Front Row, Left to Right: STG3 Lorscheider, STGSN McDonald, STG3 Worley, STGSN Holland, STG3 Hall. Back Row: STG3 Anderson, STG3 Johnson, ENS Nester, STGC Culp, STG2 Horine, STGSN Minnich, STGSN Rowland. Not Pictured: LT(jg) Herr, STG3 Takalo, STG3 Clifton, TMSN Aney, TMSN Kidd, STGSN Reynolds.
OC Division - Top Row, Left to Right: ENS Hough, RMSN Kilgore, SM3 Rowlette, SM2 Beitler, PC3 Ronning, SM2 Blair, QM1 Maus, RM2 Bowen, RM3 Graff, RM1 Payton, SM1 Ward, RM2 Chapman, RM3 Nilsen, RM3 Medlin, RM3 Elliston, SN Hanley, SN Kaminski, SN Berrios, QM3 Coyle.
M Division (To be added at a later date): Front Row - Left to Right: MM2 Berry, MM2 Flagg, FA Spillane, MM3 Howard, MM1 Mitchell, MMC Paulson, MM1 Cox, MMFN Wright, FN Hollett. Back Row: MMFN Pluard, FN Morton, FN Brown, MMFN Graf, MMFN Vernon, MMFN Scanlan, FN SAurette, MM3 Werners, MMFN Johnson, MM3 Condron, FN Bumb, MM3 Pogue, FN Lindquist, FN Watson, ENS King. Not Pictured: MMFN Angelo, FN Harris.

The Duncan shown below fourth ship from the left, in port Yokosuka, Japan, 1967

Image 67duncan_yoko

Duncan Crew - Getting the job done!

Wait for the annimated images to load

Image 67duncan_annimation4

Image 67duncan_annimation7

(Above) Propulsion and Radar / Unreps and Supplies

(Below) Engineering and Communications / Deck Force and Master At Arms

Image 67duncan_annimation5

Image 67duncan_annimation6

RD3 Dave Morgan's Photo Locker

Image morgan1
Image morgan2

Image morgan3

Image morgan4

Image morgan5

Image morgan6

Image morgan7

RD3 Morgan and Friends 1966-1967

Top Photo
RD2 Ed Finch, RD1 Greg Wooding, RD2 Dave Carlisle, RD3 Dave Morgan, and RD1 Roscoe Moore.
Second Row
Left Photo - Back Row (Left to right) Jimmie McGee, Ron Kelly, Jean Donergo, Dennis Barlow, Dave Carlisle.
Front Row: Dave and Rick Porter. Picture taken atop Victoria Peak, Hong Kong.
Center Photo - GM3 Mike House with Dave.
Right Photo - Dave and RD3 Harper soakin the suds at Sampaguita Enlisted Club, Subic Bay Naval Station, PI.
Third Row
Left Photo - RD2 Ed Finch, RD3 Dave LaLonde, and (then) RDSN Dave Barlow are mixed in with several Duncan sailors. Find em if you can!
Center Photo - Cool shot of Duncan's bow covered with ocean salt spray!
Right Photo - Barlow, Morgan, Carlisle, and Magee with some liberty suds!

End of cruise - Home again in San Diego

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