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USS Duncan (DDR 874) Crew and Reunion Association

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Suscription to the Duncaneers Email List is open to all former crewmembers of USS Duncan (DDR 874), their family members and living relatives of the ship's namesake, Silas Duncan. Prior to requesting a subscription please send an email to duncaneer@comcast.net with your Name, Address, Zip Code, Years aboard Duncan, Rank/Rate while aboard,(Phone # optional) and current email address.

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Receipt of the above information will serve to verify your (or your family member's) previous service on USS Duncan and also make possible the addition of your name to our crew roster.

Upon receiving notification of your approved subscription be sure to review the

Valuable Information for all
Honorably Discharged Servicemen.

The Veteran's Administration will provide a U. S. Flag to drape a serviceman's casket upon his/her death and will also provide a Bronze Marker with the Serviceman's name, date of birth and the date of death. The family will need to notify the Funeral Home that the deceased was an Honorably Discharged Serviceman and provide a copy of the Serviceman's DD214.

Call 559-734-3065 if you wish to Contribute information, documents or photos to this website.

Call 417-876-2633 if you wish to become a DCRA member.

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